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MZZ pearl company Ltd

loose fireball/flameball pearl

1:Pearl shape: baroque fireball shape, flameball shape
2.Pearl variety :freshwater cultured pearls
3.Pearl Size :small and large fireball pearls
4.Pearl Color :Natural white,natural purple, natural pink, and peacock black and grey
5.Pearl quality : A- AA-AAA
6:pearl luster :high luster
7:Jewelry type: loose pearl strands/loose pearl beads

8:Keywords for you to find products:extra large baroque pearls,single baroque pearl necklace,

freshwater pearls irregular shapes,baroque cultured pearls value,large irregular shaped pearls,baroque cultured pearls

9.These loose pearl beads can make:irregular freshwater pearl necklace,white baroque pearl necklace,baroque pearl choker,baroque style jewelry,giant pearl necklace,nucleated pearl necklace,fireball pearl necklace

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